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Maya New OC (Now with story!) by caniwrite
Maya New OC (Now with story!)
Name: Maya ???
Age: Around the 17-18
Species: Hybrid/??? (Unicorn with Mermaid)
Likes: The wild
Dislikes: Things made by the man

-----------STORY TIME------------

Long time ago, on the Greco-Roman times, multiple villages existed. Inhabited by mythical creatures... Centaurs, dragons, nagas, mermaids, unicorns, harpies, and many others.
They were really different from eachother, and they were disgusted by eachother, not accepting diferences or ANYTHING that weren't of their species.
Many years later, an war broke out between the mermaids and the unicorns, the cause? Two of the villagers from the tribes fell in love with eachother, this was a problem. They could NOT accept it.
But, before they could do anything about it, the prohibited couple ran away, knowing their punishment if they didn't.
After an great escape, they got married, and had one single daughter. But, something was wrong... She hasn't the lovely voice of a mermaid, or the ability to do great spells. She was... Broken... Corrupted, this was what the other tribes feared, corrupted hybrids, that could be extremely dangerous.
She had the voice of a Siren, parents of the mermaids, but they have the voices of the darkness and nightmares, that make men sleep forever, or simply commit suicide.
She had the magic of a Corrupted Unicorn, with the unholy powers of hell on her hands, she could do great disasters with enough knowledge and even conquer worlds.
But she won't.
She wants to know what she really is. She wants to know that she isn't just a corrupted life form, she wants to know if she can change her own life.
But the question is, will she do it?
Base is made by the boss: :iconbitchbases:
Why do you hate me..? by caniwrite
Why do you hate me..?
What did I did to everyone hate me so much..?
Nothing much to say about it :v
lolz i made a thing.

Hands-chan: :iconkowalski298:
Creativity Holder by caniwrite
Creativity Holder
Because glowing furries aren't enough, you must make them powerful.
His name is... I don't know, noone knows, he never spoke a word during his entire life.
Colorful, glowing and quiet, he wanders around cities, going throught buildings and people...
What? Why? Pfft, because he isn't in this plan of existence, like, another dimension. But you still can feel his presence, do you know that moment when you suddenly feel a flame explode inside you? He must be close to you, wondering around, looking for the chosen one.
He's 1,50 tall, speaks in signals language, uses an hoodie, can breath under and out of the water, and lots of other mysterious things that only nature knows, only the chosen one can see him, but who?
Yeah, that's pretty much it, thank you so much for stopping your important things just to read it! Make sure to comment if your liked, or simply an suggestion, don't worry, I'll accept it and try to make it even better!
Thanks to :iconkoru-ru: for the base!…
feel free to visit me anytime you want!

just testing some journal fonts owo


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